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Pellet Systems


Homeowners who’ve installed them either totally love them or they regret the day they said, “Sold!” to the salesman. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between!

Pellet stoves still have a small niche in the alternative heating market but the demand for them has decreased significantly with the availability of natural gas to our area. The idea of not having to mess with a wood pile offered the initial incentive … but the downside was the lack of heat during the first power outage that hit!

Pellet stoves use an electric-driven motor for the auger that delivers pellets to the burner pot. No electricity, no pellet stove heat! That little fact was over-looked by most homeowners who thought they’d found the answer to their woodstove mess.

The second problem was finding a clean fuel source. Not all pellets are created equal. Lower quality pellets crumble and jam the moving parts inside.

Pellet availability is also an issue. You can’t just burn last year’s “storm damage” in a pellet stove when you need heat.

Pellet systems are available in either Fireplace Inserts and Freestanding Room Heaters and use a B-vent style venting system (unlike wood stoves that use Class A chimneys). If you are still interested in installing one, we’d be happy to do the job. We just wanted you to be an informed homeowner up front!