Cook tops and ranges

A cook top is set into the counter and has no oven below it; a range is either free-standing or a slide-in unit with both a cook top and oven. Ranges come in two kinds: dual fuel and all gas.

A dual-fuel range uses gas for the cook top area and electricity for the oven. If you are replacing your existing electric range, you would not need an electrician to install a dual-fuel range as it can use the existing 220 outlet.

An ďall gasĒ range will need a 110 electrical outlet behind the range for the burner and flame igniters. If you donít have an electrician in mind for the conversion, we can provide you with names of electricians who will coordinate their work with ours so you arenít having to schedule more than one appointment to complete the whole job. Weíll even ask them to contact you, at your request.

Installing a cook top or range in place of the electric unit could mean doing some minor trim work to kitchen cabinets and countertops whether they be tile or laminate tops. Youíll appreciate the careful attention we give to those details in your kitchen.