Gas Logs

If you arenít concerned about maximizing the heating potential of your fireplace, adding a set of gas logs to your open fireplace adds the sparkle, warmth and intimacy of a wood fire without all the headaches of hauling wood and smelling smoke. Local building codes require that the fireplace damper must be made non-operational. This very important safety requirement has one huge drawback: your homeís heating energy is constantly being sucked up the open chimney and out into the neighborhood even when the logs are not burning! To solve the problem of cold drafts and lost heat resulting in higher energy costs to your budget, we highly recommend that glass doors be purchased and installed with each logs set. Chimney caps also help keep rain and birds from finding their way inside your home.

Queasy about holding a flaming match to your log set? An automatic Pilot Kit mounts inside the firebox for those who would rather not have to strike a match every time they want a fire.