Got Gas?

If you are considering a new service to your home in Clark County or west Skamania County in Washington state, we suggest that you start by dreaming big.

Our job is to get the gas from the meter outside to the locations where it will be used inside. How we set up the initial piping system from the meter to the various appliance sites will be determined by your vision of what that system will look like in the years to come. Starting from the meter with a gas pipe big enough to supply for system expansion will keep you from spending extra money to re-do the system when you start adding more appliances, so therefore, we urge you to “Dream Big”!

NW Natural will have minimum requirements for setting a meter at your home (unless you actually pay for the meter set - normally the installation of a gas water heater is about that of the cost for a meter being set without any appliances added.) But the plumbing of the initial gas system can be done with a vision towards future expansion that will appliance additions less costly.

This web site has a list of nearly every conceivable gas appliance that a homeowner might want to install. You may not be able to put in everything all at once, but by planning ahead, we can put tees in gas lines under the home, add stubs with valves to locations where gas might be needed at some point. By using this on-line list, you can design an initial gas pipe system that will serve you well into the future.