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Woodstove Systems


Wood stoves are still popular in the Pacific Northwest and given our independent nature, will no doubt continue to be part of our rugged outdoor culture for years to come. We’re wood heating experts, having started this business in 1981 by servicing and installing wood-burning systems. We offer a full line of quality products that have proven themselves in the field. Of special importance to us is the manufacturer’s warranty on chimneys and liners. If the warranty can be violated by one chimney fire, we won’t offer the product. Safety counts when you’re burning wood and your chimney is the most important safety feature of the whole system.

  • Prefabricated Class A Chimney Systems by Simpson Dura-vent and Security
  • Single-wall Stove Pipe (connects stove to chimney)
  • "StoveBright" High Temp Paints - (Choose from over 20 colors) (Link to Stovebright)
  • Commercial and Custom Hearth Pads & Wall Protectors
  • "HeatFab" Stainless Chimney Liners (link to Heatfab)